ZERO® 3620 Fire Marshal Full System

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Zero 3620 Fire Marshal Full System - 2.3-4 sq/m
Zero 3620 Fire Marshal Full System - 1.6-2.3 sq/m

Zero 3620 Firemarshal meets the FIA’s demanding 8865:2015 standard and has been tested using a combination of 3M® Novec 1230™ and an AR-AFFF blend for use with unleaded petrol diesel and E85 fuels.

Suitable for use in all FIA categories but mandatory for 

  • WRC  R5 R3 R2  WRX  GT3 T1 RG-T

Further Info

Housed within a single fabricated aluminium cylinder, it discharges into both the engine and cockpit using aluminium tube, connected using high quality lightweight aluminium compression fittings, it is supplied with sufficient lengths of delivery pipework to ensure the best possible packaging within all vehicles. The system also has the added benefit to allow two further coolant outlets to be fitted should there be multiple areas in the engine bay that need to be cooled down to help prevent re-ignition. 


  • Cloud Burst Cockpit Nozzle x 2
  • Engine Nozzles x 3 (2 x Foam Nozzles, 1 x HD Nozzle for Novec 1230 TM)
  • Coolant Nozzles x 2 (For free placement)
  • FIA complaint Bracket and Straps
  • Tubing, 10mm Dia in Cockpit, 8mm Dia in engine
  • Bulkhead Connector x 1, T Connector x 3 (2 x 8mm, 1 x 10mm)
  • Intelligent Control Box x 1,
  • Waterproof switches x 2,
  • Wiring For switches and Control Box

*UK Patent No GB2523902.