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VP Racing Classic 10W30 Oil
VP Racing Classic 10W30 Oil

VP Racing Classic 10W30 Oil

Product Description

We blend VP Classic SAE 10W-30 Non-Synthetic Racing Motor Oil with high-quality mineral base stocks and a select balance of additives. As a result, it delivers superior film strength and wettability of critical engine parts while running or idle. VP Classic blend not only contains a unique base oil cut that clings to engine parts, but also enhanced levels of zinc and phosphorous (ZDDP), which affords additional wear protection to flat tappet/roller cams.

Additionally, Classic non-synthetic SAE 10W-30 motor oil features a strong detergent dispersant package coupled with an aggressive rust and corrosion additive. It protects engines that run excessively hot and create large amounts of moisture at shut down.

Our Classic blend is suited for on and off-road high-performance applications, including dirt, mud, circle, and drag race engines. It's also great for classic car applications that require an SAE 10W-30 non-synthetic racing oil.


Further Info


  • Multi-viscosity SAE 10W30 oil with conventional base stocks
  • Heavy base oil cut provides superior film strength, wettability, & heavy load protection
  • Enhanced ZDDP levels for added wear protection to flat tappet/roller cams
  • Friction reducing additive
  • Strong detergent dispersant package and anti-foam control

Do NOT mix oil additive supplements with our SAE 10W-30 non-synthetic racing oil. We recommend that you don't use this in vehicles with catalytic converters.

VP offers a full line of high-quality racing lubricants and racing oils for a wide variety of applications.

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