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VP Traditional SAE 50 Oil
VP Traditional SAE 50 Oil

VP Traditional SAE 50 Oil

Product Description

We blend VP Traditional Non-Synthetic SAE 50 oil with heavy viscosity base oils for racing applications. These oils provide superior film strength, wettability, and protection for excessive blow-by into the oil. We also blend VP Traditional with enhanced levels of ZDDP (zinc/phosphorous), which gives added wear protection to flat tappet/roller cams, and we include an additive that reduces friction. Furthermore, our Traditional Non-Synthetic Racing Oil features both a strong detergent dispersant package and anti-foam control.

Further Info

We Design Our SAE 50 Weight Oil For:

  • High-performance, highly stressed engines
  • Drag racing, racing, and tractor pulling
  • Gasoline, diesel, or nitromethane applications that call for an SAE 50 non-synthetic racing oil

Do NOT mix oil additive supplements with this product. Furthermore, do NOT use this oil in vehicles that have catalytic converters.

VP Traditional Non-Synthetic Racing oil also comes in an SAE 60.

Find the right VP racing fuel for your needs to help power you to the winners circle