John Iuga

Installing Your Heatshield Products Like a Pro

Things would be a lot easier if all those exhaust pipes and manifolds were straight when it came to installing exhaust wrap or other thermal barriers to cut down on the heat radiated by the exhaust system. But all those bends are there for a reason, so you just have to soldier through it and do the best you can.

Knowing what everyone faces when it comes to wrapping their exhaust systems in thermal barrier materials, we’ve put together some helpful videos that demonstrate how to cut and shape your Heatshield Products materials to make installation over bends in exhaust pipes and manifolds easier, along with some tips on how to actually install the product to make things easier as well.

Heatshield Armor

Heatshield Armor™ is one of the most versatile thermal barrier materials on the market for cutting down on heat radiated from exhaust systems. It’s so good that it cuts heat up to 70 percent, and can withstand sustained temperatures of 982 degrees C. Installation of Heatshield Armor™ is pretty easy and straightforward, with only a pair of decent scissors and a razor knife necessary to trim and shape the material. But sometimes shaping the product around sharp bends in the exhaust piping can be tricky while maintaining a clean look. So, we put our videographer to work so you could actually see us shaping the Heatshield Armor™ to fit these pipe bends. To make it easier for everyone to watch and understand, we made this installation into part one and part twosegments for easier viewing and reference.

In part one of our video, you can watch as we trim up and fit a piece of Heatshield Armor™ to this piece of exhaust piping.

In part two we show you some more tips for cutting and trimming the Heatshield Armor™ to help shape it smoothly to the bend in the pipe.

Inferno Wrap

For headers in race and high compression situations or with a turbocharger(s), exhaust wrap is the best way to go for cutting down heat and improving performance. Inferno Wrap™ is our highest temperature rated exhaust wrap, capable of withstanding a sustained maximum temperature of 1093 degrees C, and won’t become brittle or start flaking apart after multiple heat cycles. And for installation, you don’t have to soak Inferno Wrap in water like other exhaust wraps. It’s specially formulated fibers utilizing our proprietary volcanic rock-based material help give Inferno Wrap™ superior heat control capability matched with equally superior durability. But it’s not just for headers. Inferno Wrap™ works great on cast iron exhaust manifolds. To show off how easy it is to install Inferno Wrap, we got together with our friends at HRT Motorsports to show off installing Inferno Wrap on a LS V-8 cast iron exhaust manifold.

You can install Infernor Wrap on cast iron exhaust manifolds to cut down on underhood heat and increase exhaust system performance. Cole from HRT Motorsports shows you how in our recent video.

Lava Exhaust Wrap

Made from our specially formulated, proprietary volcanic rock-based material, Lava Exhaust Wrap™ keeps more heat in the pipes to increase exhaust efficiency and performance, while having fantastic durability after countless heat cycles, and can even be unwrapped if necessary and reinstalled without issue. It’s 25 percent stronger than fiberglass-based wraps, and its volcanic rock material gives it a unique look that will have your pipes looking stylish and professional. It can handle 648 degrees C of continuous direct contact heat, and doesn’t require soaking before install. See how it’s done when we enlist the aid of Blake “Spicoli” Wilkey installing Lava Exhaust Wrap™ on a full length exhaust header.

Watch how to get the best look when installing your Lava Exhaust Wrap™ while making sure it stays firmly in place during and after installation.