Alina Simonova
British Female Rally Champion Louise Cook has recently completed her first WRC event Rallye Monte Carlo, supported by Old Hall Performance and using Red Line Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil.

"We gained an unbelievable result of 2nd in the Production World Rally Championship, it did not come as easily as you would expect, just glad to have finished.

It was frustrating to not be able to drive flat out on those amazing roads, especially with thousands of spectators egging you on. There is nothing in a driver's mind that wants to go slow, its actually harder than you think. I had to drive like my grandma, sometimes slower than my grandma would have and finish for the points. The little ST was not holding up to the mileage very well you see, she's never done more than 400 miles in total before and was now faced with 1200, so she was not happy, I had to drive accordingly.

My pace notes were shocking anyway so maybe its just as well! I like to call them pace lies.I drove most of the rally blind to be honest"

The goal was to finish the rally and that was achieved.

 Louise uses Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil...

"When you are on a real tight budget like me, its good to keep component wear to the minimum. In using the Red Line Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil, we have noticed the dog engagements are wearing about 50% less which is a significant saving over the whole season, a very welcomed saving"


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