John Iuga

For those of you who can recognise that this is indeed the iconic Lotus 23B, please don't let your emotions get the best of you!


Instead focus your attention on the numerous Lifeline products that are keeping Lifeline and OHP's MD JIm Morris safe while flying flat out down the Lavant Straight or braking hard for the first of the two apexes at Woodcote bend. We know it may be ridiculously hard to keep your mind focused on what's in the cockpit while trying to imagine the 1963 Lotus being piloted through the picturesque Goodwood Circuit, but please try! There are quite a few Lifeline FIA parts in the 23B, some of them freshly launched too, but more on that further along.

Colin Chapman's innovative thinking and genius pioneered the simultaneous development of Lotus Cars and motorsport at large, as seen in F1, Le Mans and practically every single Lotus car in existance. The same attention to detail, constant thrive for development, high quality materials and production processes are in the core of Jim Morris and Lifeline's success story.


Lifeline's products are designed by racers for racers. Being highly involved in racing and truly passionate enthusiast means only one thing, whatever Jim and his team at Lifeline manufacture will serve one single purpose, to ensure the absolute safety of the driver and as much of his machine as possible under the most demanding circumstances.

In this photo you can catch a glimpse of the Lifeline Zero 360 FIA Remote Charge Fire Extinguisher on the left of the driver and the FIA Roll Cage Padding by his left shoulder. Furthermore, the vintage Lotus steering wheel is mated to the steering column by an FIA Quick Release also manufactured by Lifeline.



 Last but definitely not least is the brand-new Lifeline Copse FIA Race Harness, named after the iconic Copse corner at the world renowned Silverstone Circuit. The motorsport harness range is the latest addition to Lifeline's product portfolio. Just like every other Lifeline part, this lightweight FIA certified harness is manufactured with extreme attention to detail, using only materials of the highest quality and all of this is happenning in the heart of British automobilism - Coventry, West Mindalnds.



The safety of the driver in motorsport is paramount, so trust the leaders and choose the #ChampionsOfSafety! 


You can find all Lifeline products featured in the Lotus 23B here:

FIA Fire Extinguisher:

FIA Roll Cage Padding:

FIA Quick Release:

FIA Copse Race Harness: