John Iuga

David Black andrew Jordan

Old Hall Performance confirm partnership between Racetech seats and British Touring car driver Andrew Jordan.

Manufacturer David Black of Racetech seats, New Zealand and British Touring car driver Andrew Jordan, confirm partnership for the 2012 season’s racing.


The 119 series premium seat displays engineering perfected to provide optimum safety, weight and cost.
The hand built 119 series manufactured from both Kevlar and Carbon fibre boasts an exclusive unique rear fixing rigid back mount that increases driver safety, making this product a desired feature many aspire to put in their vehicle.


The birth of the NGTC creates emphasis on common components and improving aspects such as the seat itself can enhance driver comfort, whilst reducing heat stress and driver fatigue – features that the 119 series seat carries. Teams including title-winner Honda Racing, multiple Triple Eight Race Engineering and Pirtek Racing, had announced they will be taking the NGTC route for 2012. Honda will construct its latest Civic model to adhere to the new regulations and provide Pirtek with identical customer versions. 

Andrew Jordan, a proven race winner in the BTCC, envisages his Pirtek team becoming even more competitive in 2012 thanks to its move to full-spec NGTC machinery.  

“The 119 series Racetech seat is extremely sturdy, which is important in terms of safety. The seat is very light at 4.4kg shell weight, and will be continuously reviewed throughout testing”.

“If you want to win it’s got to be an NGTC car. Just look how the Audi and Toyota in particular have come on in 2011– the development year of NGTC. It’s only going to move forward again during the winter for the 2012 season. I’ve no doubt the regulations will lead to an even greater variety of car – teams can be a bit bold. Consequently that will increase the widespread appeal of the championship as it will resonate with an even greater number of public who may be loyal to a particular brand of car”.