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Hot Rod Sleeve

Brand:Heatshield Products SKU: 204011

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Hot Rod Sleeve 3/8" (1cm) id x 10' (3m)
Hot Rod Sleeve 1/2" (1.3cm) id x 10' (3m)
Hot Rod Sleeve 3/4" (1.9cm) id x 10' (3m)
Hot Rod Sleeve 1/4" (0.64cm) id x 10' (3m)
Hot Rod Sleeve 1" (2.54cm) id x 10' (3m)
  • Special weave allows heat sleeve expand and contract over fittings and terminals
  • Prevents vapour lock on fuel lines
  • The wire protection sleeve shields wire looms and fluid lines from heat
  • Non-flammable
  • Reflects and dissipates heat
  • Made in the USA

Further Info

Hot Rod Sleeves are thermal sleeving capable of withstanding 594°C continuous, and this non-flammable wire shielding sleeve has a special weave that allows it to expand and contract over fittings and terminals. In addition, it has that old-school sleeve look with modern heatshield technology. This is a perfect way to protect wires, fuel lines, brake lines and clutch lines for your custom build. It is ideal for shielding fuel lines, helping to prevent vapour lock, protecting sensitive wire looms from close-proximity heat, shielding brake lines and hoses and stopping clutch cables from melting.

Our range of Heatshield Hot Rod Sleeves are available for next day delivery across the UK, subject to stock. See our delivery terms for more details.


Hot Rod Sleeving Installation Tips

  • To expand ID of sleeve, bunch or shrink the overall length of sleeve
  • To decrease ID stretch overall length
  • Secure ends of sleeve with Thermal-Tie, clamp, wire, or high temp electrical tape

PRO TIP - As provided by Bryan Fuller of Fuller Hot Rods, use some heat shrink tubing on the ends to give it an OEM look.

  • Insulation type: Dissipates heat
  • Base material: Fiberglass
  • Colour: Black