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HP Heatshield Mat

Brand:Heatshield Products SKU: 721102

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HP Heatshield Mat 0.03" (0.8mm) thick x 1' x 2' (30.5cm x 61cm) w/Adhesive
HP Heatshield Mat 0.03" (0.8mm) thick x 24" x 48" (61cm x 122cm)- w/Adhesive
  • Continuous operating reflective temperature of 594°C 1093°C intermittent
  • Capable of reducing up to 90% of radiant heat
  • Adhesive backing sticks to almost any clean surface-not recommended for rough/unfinished fiberglass
  • Helps shield fire walls bonnets body panels floor boards
  • We strongly recommend rubbing any plastic intakes or air boxes 2 times with isopropyl alcohol after they have been cleaned before applying product
  • Bulk rolls and custom widths available minimums apply
  • Proudly made in the USA


Further Info

Keep your cool with our Heatshield Products Heatshield Mat. When used in applications with 1-inch of airspace and good airflow, this heat resistant material is capable of reflecting 90 percent of radiant heat. Face the aluminized side toward the source of radiant heat to shield heat away. This product withstands 594 degrees C of radiant heat (requires minimum of 1" (2.54cm) of airspace) and up to 232 degrees C of direct heat, perfect for using underneath your floorpan to shield heat from your DPF, muffler, catalytic converter and exhaust system, or it can be used on the firewall to shield engine heat. It can also be used as a cold-air intake heatshield. Put it on your metal or plastic airbox to stop heat from raising air intake temperatures. The Heatshield Mat is available with a high-temperature peel-and-stick adhesive. The self-adhesive version is not recommended for rough, unfinished fiberglass or carbon fibre. Bulk heatshield cloth rolls are available.

Our range of Heatshield Mats are available for next day delivery across the UK, subject to stock. See our delivery terms for more details.


HP Heatshield Mat Installation tips:

Be sure to use a 1" air-gap between HP Heatshield Mat and heat source for best results HP Heatshield Mat is intended to be applied on the cold side of panel or component, i.e. it is not intended to direct contact with heat source

Required tools:

  • Heavy duty scissors or utility knife
  • Carburettor cleaner or other degreaser
  • Pre-paint cleaner or other non-residue cleaner
  • 3M Super Trim adhesive or other spray adhesive (Part #720305 & 720505 only)
  • Poster board, heavy paper - optional

PRO TIP - Use poster board or butcher paper to make a template. For surfaces with severe bends, it may be necessary to cut relief lines or wedges to get product to conform. Transfer template to HP Heatshield Mat and cut.

Panel or component surface temperature should be at least 18°C, sticking onto anything colder may not allow adhesive to set up properly.

Degrease and clean surface of any residual chemicals, using carburettor spray or other cleaner/degreaser.

We strongly recommend rubbing the surface with a pre-paint cleaner or isopropyl alcohol (or other non-residue cleaner) after cleaning and degreasing.

Carefully peel the adhesive backing off the HP Heatshield Mat. Start peeling from one corner.

Lay the HP Heatshield Mat, start on one edge of panel or component and work out slowly to ensure no “bubbles” occur. Air bubbles will cause the material to not stick and fall off.

Press the HP Heatshield Mat firmly onto the panel/component, hold while pressing down for 2 minutes. Skip to Step 9

Non adhesive product only - Use 3M Super Trim or Super 77 Adhesive. After HP Heatshield Mat has been cut, spray back of cloth and panel or component you are applying HP Heatshield Mat to.

Allow adhesive to get tacky and apply cloth, start on one edge of panel or component and work out slowly to ensure no “bubbles” occur. Air bubbles will cause the material to not stick and fall off. Press firmly for 2 minutes.

Optional - If using edge tape like Cool Foil Tape, clean the edge of HP Heatshield Mat with the pre-paint cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.

Optional - Pre-fit and trim tape to fit the HP Heatshield Mat.

Optional - It is important to do one edge/seam at a time with the edge tape.

Optional - Peel adhesive backing off tape, press and firmly hold in place for 2 minutes.