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Alcohol Fuel Lubricant

Brand:RED LINE® SKU: 41102

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Increases power
• Reduces ring & cylinder wear
• Reduces cylinder leak down
• Reduces valve guide wear
• Reduces valve seat recession
• Lubricates injectors and pumps
• Provides piston scuff protection
• Excellent rust protection
• Reduces corrosiveness of fuel
• Mixes easily in methanol

Further Info
  • Prevents gelling and corrosion in methanol and nitromethane fuel systems
  • Lubricates upper cylinder and fuel system, increases power with more ring seal
  • Replaces lubrication lost by wash of dry fuels
  • Not detectable by normal fuel tests, mixes with only slight agitation
  • Use 1oz per 5 gallons, one bottle treats up to 55 gallons
  • Do not use with catalytic converters