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Cool Down™

Brand:VP Racing® SKU: 2085

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Cool Down™ improves the performance of your coolant and is safe for all radiator systems and coolants. It is ideal for racing or street applications. It can be used on any vehicle from race cars  classics Hotrods or any car where you want to reduce the coolant temps. 

It can be used with all antifreeze/coolants or with straight water. When using with straight water it is advised to use 50% more product to ensure full corrision protection.

  • Improves the performance of your coolant
  • Reduces coolant temperatures by upto 25 °C
  • Improves heat transfer
  • Protects aluminium components from corrosion and erosion
  • Compatible with all cooling systems and all coolants
  • One bottle will treat to upto 19 litres.

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