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  • Our lowest viscosity most shear-stable ATF for consistent operation designed to satisfy Dexron-VI® Mercon®SP Mercon®LV Honda DW-1 Toyota WS Mercedes Benz NAG-2 ZF-LG 6 6+ and 8 fluids
  • Also satisfies API 70W/75W and GL-4 gear oil requirements

Further Info

With eight different combinations of viscosity, slipperiness, and OE-recommended additives packages, Red Line offers the widest selection of ATF available

  • Red Line offers the widest selection of fully synthetic ATF on the market today
  • Each offer improved thermal stability, maintain viscosity levels, and feature lower volatility while providing the required frictional characteristics of each fluid's OEM-style replacement
  • Reduced oxidation and lower volatility at high temperature
  • Allows high-temp operation without varnishing valves and clutches
  • Extended drain intervals

A full OEM compatibility list can be found in the 'Technical Details' tab.

 D6 ATF OEM Compatibility

D6 ATF Data Sheet 

D6 ATF Safety Data Sheet

Red Line full-synthetic D6 ATF is a lower viscosity version of the D4ATF and is designed for better fuel efficiency in CAFE testing. Dexron VI requires a different approach to a conventional ATF formulation. Rather than beginning with a 7.5 cSt fluid and allowing a viscosity loss in use to drop to 5.5 cSt, the Dexron VI fluid requires a starting viscosity of less than 6.4 and a final drop to no less than 5.5 cSt. Red Line D6 will drop to no less than 6.1 cSt. Since the final viscosity after use of these fluids are similar, Dexron VI fluids can be used where Dexron III fluids were previously recommended (except for some manual transmission applications, our customers report).

D6 ATF also provides significantly improved gear protection and will provide a GL-4 level of gear protection. The balanced frictional characteristics provide smooth and consistent shifts for extended drain intervals. The superior stability compared to petroleum ATFs allows high-temperature operation without varnishing valves and clutches which leads to transmission failure. 

Vis @ 100°C, cSt 6.4
Vis @ 40°C, cSt 30.7
Viscosity Index 166
Pour Point, °C -60
Pour Point, °F -76
Brookfield Viscosity @ -40°C, Poise 45