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Fuel Stabiliser w/ Ethanol Armor®

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Advantages of VP Fuel Stabiliser with Ethanol Armor®:

  • An additional one to two years of stability versus many of our competitors
  • Top-level fuel system cleaner detergent that keeps your engine clean and operating at the top of its game
  • Outstanding cost-per-gallon of treated fuel compared to most leading brands
  • Protects and helps prevent the need for expensive and unnecessary engine repairs
  • Reduces engine heat
  • Can be used in all 4-cycle and 2-cycle gasoline engines
  • For use in every tank fill up

*Up to 3 years - 1 oz. per 1 gallon of fuel

Further Info

If you own seasonal outdoor power equipment, classic cars, motorcycles, or other small engine equipment that isn't used regularly, VP Fuel Stabilizer with Ethanol Armor will eliminate ethanol fuel-related issues, keep your vital engine components clean and running at peak performance, and help you to avoid costly and unnecessary repairs. Its proprietary formula is designed for use in all 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engines.

Some of you may ask, "What is fuel stabilizer?" In short, it's a solution that bonds with gasoline to prevent evaporation. By doing so, it prevents fuel from forming sticky resins that can lead to serious engine trouble. When a car or piece of equipment is used regularly, the gasoline burns up before it can evaporate and degrade. But, when gas sits in a tank for an extended period, it starts to break down and deteriorate, leaving behind gunked-up, gummy deposits throughout your engine. Ethanol-blended fuel, which makes up the majority of pump gas, is the cause for most of the mayhem. Among other things, ethanol absorbs water, which promotes corrosion, which is never a good thing for an engine. In addition, once a certain amount of water is absorbed - as little as 3/4 ounce - something called phase separation takes place, which is when the ethanol/water cocktail separates from the gasoline, leaving a layer of gasoline at the top of the tank and the ethanol/water layer at the bottom, and never the twain shall meet. VP Fuel Stabilizer with Ethanol Armor contains a phase separation inhibitor. Our technologically advanced formula includes a superior detergent that cleans gums, varnish, and carbon deposits, and eliminates the need for spending extra money on higher-octane premium pump gas.

Our EPA-registered fuel stabilizer features an advanced anti-corrosion package that has been tested. NACE International is considered the world's leading professional organization for the corrosion control industry. The NACE Standards Test for Ferrous Metals uses a 1-5 grading scale to measure the ability to resist corrosion. Both ethanol-free and E10 (10% ethanol) fuel received a 0.7 grade for resisting corrosion. That's right, less than 1.0. When our fuel stabilizer was added to each, the corrosion rating improved to 5.0 - top of the charts!

As if all of that wasn't enough, our additive aids in reducing engine heat and extends engine life by lubricating the ethanol in gasoline. This reduces what is known as parasitic friction. When you reduce friction, you reduce the amount of heat caused by friction. A camel might love extreme heat; engines not so much.

There are a couple of other important things to consider when comparing brands of fuel stabilizers: how long do they last? VP Fuel Stabilizer with Ethanol Armor stabilizes for up to three years.* Other major brands only last for one to two years. It's right there in their product description. Moreover, a little goes a long way. One 8 oz. bottle of our additive will treat up to 80 gallons of gasoline (one ounce per 10 gallons of gas). If you research other brands, you'll see that an ounce of their product treats five or six gallons of fuel, with some calling for two to three ounces to treat 10 gallons of petrol.