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Fuel System Cleaner

Brand:VP Racing® SKU: 2805

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  • Cleans & restores engine components including carburetors injectors rings intake valves and combustion chamber
  • Stabilizes fuel against ethanol and water
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Easier starts
  • Adds lubrication
  • Corrosion Inhibitors (vapor corrosion inhibitor)
  • 30% improved corrosion stability cleaning performance compared to average results of competitor fuel system cleaners
  • Perfect for use in automobiles boats and motorcycles.

Further Info

Clean your entire fuel system for up to 5,000 miles. VP's Fuel System Cleaner with RP21 is a new additive from VP Racing Fuels that reduces the harmful effects of ethanol and cleans carbon and varnish from fuel system components to improve gas mileage and engine performance.

The advanced formula reduces harmful emissions in all street and off-road uses. One 16 ounce bottle treats one tank (up to 20 gallons).

For many motorists and Powersports owners, they will notice the harmful effects of water contamination in their pump fuel, but may not know water is causing the issue.

Symptoms such as decreased MPG, vehicle stalling or hesitation, excess oil consumption and emissions, and even power loss are indicators that there may be contamination in the fuel. Adding Fuel System Cleaner to the fuel tank every 5,000 miles is a great way to protect gasoline-powered automobiles, trucks, boats, and Powersports vehicles.