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Trigger Fluid Control System

Brand:VP Racing® SKU: 33320

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VP Trigger is a fuel hose system unlike no other. To begin with we design it with a patented push-button self-venting control flow valve. The VP Trigger is for use with the VP Motorsport Container® utility jug. Moreover it takes seconds to install and makes refilling extremely efficient and a breeze. Simply tilt your container press the Trigger button for flow and release the Trigger button to quickly stop the flow. As a result of its unique no-spill design you can say goodbye to the days of watching fluid spill on your expensive vehicle graphics or the floor which is common when using a ball valve or straight tube to refill from a Motorsport Container. As a matter of fact your container can be fully inverted and it will not release fluid until the Trigger is compressed. It’s durable effective easy to use and dispenses more than three gallons per minute. Best yet it’s made in the USA. VP Trigger was recognized at the 2021 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show as a winner in the Best Accessory Product category. Say goodbye to your old filler fuel hose and say hello to VP Trigger. Spend more time riding and less time spilling!

Advantages Of VP Trigger
  • Easy to install and use
  • Full control of fluid flow
  • No-spill design
  • No external ventilation required
  • Made in the USA

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