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ZERO® 360 Rally Pack - 3.0kg Fire Marshal & 2.0kg Novec 1230 Hand Held

Brand:Lifeline® Fire and Safety Systems SKU: 105-300-001

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Offering all the benefits of a Zero 360 Novec™1230 system but competitively price positioned, Lifeline’s popular Fire Marshal brand has now been extended to the Zero 360 range. This is the perfect introduction for anyone looking to upgrade their fire suppression system to enjoy the efficient, lightweight and compact benefits of the Zero 360 Novec™1230 range.

2.25kg available for circuit cars and a 3.0kg version is available for Rallying.

If you are Rallying You will need one of our FIA Complaint Hand Helds too.

Kit Includes

  • Cockpit Nozzle - 955-300-003 x 2 

  • Engine Nozzles - 955-300-004 x 3

  • FIA complaint Bracket and Straps - 920-100-008-FIA
  • Tubing 8mm Diameter - 951-101-008 x 6m

  • Cross Connector - 952-408-007 x 1, T Connector - 952-408-001 x 1, Bulkhead Connector - 952-408-002 x 1
  • Pull Cables - 2.0m 935-100-001 x 1, 4.0m 935-100-002 x 1
  • Decal Pack - 990-100-001 x 1
  • Tube Clips - 951-200-004 (Pack of 10)

Comes with a 2.0kg ZERO 360 Hand Held Fire Extinguisher.

Hand Held fire extinguisher that tackles fire with Novec™1230 suitable for international FIA rally events. It’s advantage over AFFF extinguishers is that due to the efficient nature of Novec™1230 it can be offered in a smaller and lighter package making it the perfect choice for a professional rally outfit.

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