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ZERO® 3620

Brand:Lifeline® Fire and Safety Systems SKU: 105-001-004

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The patented Lifeline® Zero 3620 systems are a step change in Motorsport fire suppression technology representing the safest most advanced fastest and most validated product available to competitors. 20 years of experience knowledge continuous improvement testing and real-world customer feedback have been put into this product as well as validation from the FIA BSI and the UK MOD.

Suitable for use in all FIA categories but mandatory for 

  • WRC  R5 R3 R2  WRX  GT3 T1 RG-T

Further Info

Using a combination of 3M® Novec 1230™ and an AR-AFFF blend discharged through 1 high discharge nozzle in the cockpit and 3 in the engine bay, both performance and ease of installation are ensured.


  • Cockpit Nozzle x 1 (either fitted directly to cockpit bottle or on 1m hose)
  • Engine Nozzles x 3 (2 x Foam Spray bars, 1 x HD Nozzle for Novec 1230 TM)
  • FIA complaint Bracket and Straps
  • Tubing, 10mm Dia in Cockpit, 8mm Dia in engine
  • Bulkhead Connector x 1, T Connector x 1, Straight Connector x 2
  • Intelligent Control Box x 1,
  • Waterproof switches x 2,
  • Wiring For switches and Control Box

UK Patent GB 1502347.6; GB 1516832.1; PCT/GB2015/050391.