John Iuga

Well yes, it is true. Fitting Heatshield really can be hassle free. We’re betting that while you want a thermal barrier that controls heat, you don’t want to puncture the mounting surface or make any modifications in the process. The good news is, Heatshield Products offers several thermal barriers with built-in adhesive backing for easy installation—and one that does not require cutting, modifying or spraying adhesive on anything.

The integral adhesive backing on these products has a special high-temp design that won’t lose its adhesive properties, even after numerous heat cycles and long exposure to heat.

If you’re unsure which thermal barrier is right for your application and heat concerns, use our handy Heatshield Products thermal barrier materials guide. We have explained each product and clearly defined its maximum intermittent and constant-heat exposure temperatures.

HP Sticky Shield™

HP Sticky Shield™ is the ultimate way to stop heat from radiating into the interior. And it is one of the most versatile thermal-barrier products on the market because it can be used for a variety of applications and areas of the car, including underneath vehicles on floor panels to deflect heat from the drivetrain and exhaust system, on firewalls to reduce the amount of heat being transferred into the passenger cabin, and on transmission tunnels, mufflers, catalytic converters, DPFs, turbos, downpipes and exhaust systems. Did that set of long-tube headers on your Mustang, Camaro, Challenger or tuner move the catalytic converter to where there are no factory heat shields? That Jeep getting some serious heat in the transmission tunnel or from the cat? HP Sticky Shield™ is the solution.

HP Sticky Shield™ is made of a dense layer of 1/8-inch-thick proprietary Kool Core™ insulation and shielded by a rugged layer of 0.003-inch-thick aluminium. It is resistant to the elements and can be cleaned after installation. The heavy-duty peel-and-stick adhesive backing will bond to almost any clean surface, although it is not recommended for unfinished fiberglass or carbon fibre nor should it be used underneath carpet.

HP Sticky Shield™ can be used with less than 1 inch of airspace. However, the heat shield can shield more than 90 percent of heat when used with airspace of 1 inch or more. It is easy to shape and cut to fit, so it can be used in tight spaces.

HP Sticky Shield™ is asbestos-free. The HP Sticky Shield™ includes Heatshield Armor Tape™ to seal seams, and to protect the edges of the HP Sticky Shield™. You can even use the tape to repair any damage to the HP Sticky Shield™ caused by on- or off-road hazards.

Cold-Gold Shield™

If you’re building a show car or high-end vehicle that needs to have stellar looks, but you also need thermal-barrier protection for components or panels, Cold-Gold Shield™ will meet both requirements. We designed the Cold-Gold Shield™ for those who love chrome, polished aluminium and billet, and the mesmerizing shine and allure of metallic paint. Cold-Gold Shield™ deflects heat without adding dead weight, no matter how tight the space, all the while looking like a million bucks.

Our team of engineers has been developing TruGold™ thermal-barrier material technology for years, as we had become tired of people spending a lot of money on glorified stickers. Birthday balloon “gold” thermal-barrier products on the market use a yellow Mylar to shield radiant heat. While Mylar can reflect radiant heat, so can aluminium foil at a fraction of the cost. The real gold colour, combined with a full high-grade fiberglass cloth backing, make this a real gold heat shield. It can take constant ambient temps of up to 593 degrees Celsius and intermittent ambient temps of 1,093 degrees Celsius. The Cold-Gold™ Shield is made from exclusive TruGold™ thermal-barrier technology that won’t degrade after long-term heat exposure. The Cold-Gold Shield™ is not designed for direct heat contact; however, with an optimal air gap of 1 inch or more for maximum thermal reflection, it can reflect up to 90 percent of radiant heat. If you were to have a catastrophic fire, Cold-Gold Shield™ would act as a full protection barrier because of its full coverage of high-grade fiberglass cloth backing. The gold coating would burn away but the fiberglass would act as a fire barrier, giving you added peace of mind.

Lava Shield Mat™

For performance applications with extreme ambient-heat issues, Heatshield Products Lava Shield Mat™ radiant heat shield has heat-shielding capabilities as well as a carbon-fibre look. This insulator helps to reflect and dissipate heat, making it perfect as an airbox heat shield or thermal barrier to protect the paint on your carbon-fibre/fiberglass hood. Due to the natural chemical- and acid-resistant properties of basalt (a mineral from volcanic rock), Lava Heat Shield™ excels in harsh environments.

Lava Shield Mat™ can be used on the firewall and in transmission tunnels. It can be used with less than 1 inch of airspace, but a ½ inch minimum is recommended. It is also better to use Lava Shield Mat™ on applications where there is little airflow, making it a superior insulator to aluminium and gold barrier fabrics in these conditions. Lava Shield Mat™ withstands 648 degrees Celsius direct continuous temperatures and 1,093 degrees Celsius intermittent.

Heatshield Mat™

When used in applications with 1-inch of airspace and good airflow, Heatshield Mat™ can reflect 90 percent of radiant heat. It withstands 593 degrees Celsius of radiant heat (requires minimum of 1 inch of airspace) and up to 232 degrees Celsius of direct heat—perfect for using underneath your floorplan to shield heat from your DPF, muffler, catalytic converter and exhaust system, or it can be used on the firewall to shield engine heat and as a cold-air intake heat shield. You can also put it on your metal or plastic airbox to stop the heat from increasing air-intake temperatures. The fire-resistant Heatshield Mat™ is available with a high-temperature peel-and-stick adhesive. The adhesive version is not recommended for rough, unfinished fiberglass or carbon fibre, though.

Thermaflect Cloth™

Thermaflect Cloth™ is a heat-shield cloth with a high-quality, mirror-like finish compared to most other thermal reflective aluminized cloth mats, and weighs 40 percent less. When used in applications with 1 inch of airspace and good airflow, Thermaflect Cloth™ is capable of reflecting 90 percent of radiant heat. Use it as a heat shield under the hood on a fuel cell, on aluminium intercooler pipes or for the air-filter box, or turn your aftermarket intake into a real cold-air intake! This product withstands 593 degrees Celsius of radiant heat (requires minimum of 1 inch of airspace) and up to 232 degrees Celsius of direct heat. Thermaflect Cloth™ is available with a high-temperature peel-and-stick adhesive that will adhere to almost any clean surface. It is not recommended for rough, unfinished fiberglass or carbon fibre.