John Iuga

Good news! Heatshield’s TrueGold technology products have finally landed in the OHP warehouse! Finally, you can give your hot car components the ‘bling bling’ it deserves. To kick off the new ‘TrueGold’ range we have brought in three products with the gold shield; Cold Gold Shield, Gold Turbo Shield and Cold Gold Tape.

Now you may be thinking, “hang on a minute, this gold heat protection stuff has been around for years; what’s the big deal?”. Well in short… it works. Heatshield have been working on their TureGold technology for years as they became tired of people using glorified stickers. Most commonly seen on the market is yellow Mylar which just so happens to be the same material used to manufacture birthdays balloons. Now, although this may be able to reflect radiant heat it has no heat protection properties and will lose its shiny surface over time. Heatshield’s TrueGold technology on the other hand has been designed to provide durable protection. Their Cold Gold Shield uses a lightweight fiberglass backing to act as a fire barrier with a reflective gold shield which won’t degrade over time. It can reflect up to 90% of radiant heat and withstand temperatures of 593°C continuously and 1093°C intermittently.

To make your engine look a million dollars with more protection, performance and efficiency; use Heatshields TureGold technology.

To celebrate the new range, we’re offering 20% off all Heatshield products bought on the Old Hall Performance website. Use code GOLDFINGER upon checkout to get your discount.