John Iuga

In 1972 a modest Vauxhall Victor wandered out of the factory where it was made and out onto the streets to begin its life of low speed commuting. Being fitting with a 4cylinder engine the car was never designed to break land speed records, instead it was designed to be a stylish family saloon to get from point A to B. However in 1981 this particular Victor was picked up by motoring genius Andy Frost. It was at this point that the car began its star studded career in the drag strip of all places.

Yes you read correctly a 1970s attempt at the people’s car was destined to set records along the black strips of hell. However to get there it was going to need to get more than a go faster paint job. Very little of the original Victor remains and after three generations the cars measly 88bhp has been boosted up to 3,000bhp. Obviously Andy has had to swap out the Victors original motor as it could never achieve this amount of power and instead the car now has a 8.8L Chevy V8 with two turbochargers!


Now although this is a very impressive factor it is not the most amazing thing about this car. Believe it or not this car is still street legal meaning it can still be used for its original purpose of completing school run commutes and other day to day drives. Although you can theoretically use the car as a daily driver the Victor is not what it used to be. Refuelling becomes a frequent occurrence as the car will struggle to hit 5mpg, and you cannot drive it with a lead foot as one twitch would instantly send you over the speed limit.

The Red Victor is a racer which is almost tested to destruction and is designed to bend the laws of physics. For such a bespoke machine which is fighting against the elements means a bespoke product from the Old Hall Warehouse. The Victor is currently running on 50-Weight Race Engine oil, Lightweight Racing ATF Transmission Fluid and 75w90 Gear Oil. These are the highest of quality products which are designed to reduce wear, temperatures and increase power as well as efficiency.

Clearly then the drag strip has now become the natural habitat for the Red Victor, but its street legal credentials mean that the car can chase a very converted title… The World’s Fastest Street Legal Drag Racing Car. The Red Victor has already been crowned this title, however in the past few years there has been a growth in competition across the pond in the States. Larry Larson’s 1998 Chevy S-10 and Tom Bailey’s 1969 Camaro have been trading the title, but it is Larson who is the current record holder with a mind blowing time of 5.88-seconds.

Now Andy could just settle with the record of being the fastest street legal drag racer in the UK which is a very impressive record, however it is not in his nature to give up that easily. To help raise the money needed for the parts to get into the 5 second club Andy has set up a number of fund raising methods. Hundreds of people have donated their hard earned cash to help Andy to achieve his dream of being the fastest in the world. Already he has been donated £27,000 and this is going to be spent on prepping the car for its record breaking attempt in October.

Andy and the Victor are heading to Bahrain for five runs where they will have the best opportunity to reclaim the world record. There he will be competing in the Bahrain Drag Racing Club’s five-race championship series. However, he will not be looking to win races, instead he will just be looking at the magical number in the fifth second. We would like to wish Andy the best of luck in his attempt in bringing back the record to British turf.

Old Hall has been supporting the Red Victor for a number of years and is very proud to have Red Line Oil featuring in Britain’s fastest Street Legal Drag Racer. It is an excellent demonstration of the high performance nature of Red Line Oil. What is even more incredible is that Red Lines premium oil is available for any car. High performance and efficiency is now becoming more assessable with a simple oil change. For more information on Red Line Oil do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 02476 717100.