John Iuga

The Black Mamba is one of the world’s most dangerous animals. It is an extremely venomous snake not to be taken lightly and will often chase down its prey at incredible speeds. The bite of this snake is fatal, one bite can kill a man in a matter of hours, so no wonder the locals call its bite ‘the kiss of death’.

So you will have to forgive us here at Old Hall for getting a little excited when saw one of our products featuring in a car named after this vicious predator. The car in question is a Mitsubishi Evo VIII. Now you might be thinking, alright that is a quick car… but christening it after the soul destroyer like the Black Mamba is a bit like naming your first son after Ghandi. You have to be sure that he’s going to do something great.

However, let me stop you right there, because this is no ordinary Evo. How does a race spec 1000bhp Evo sound with enough aero to punch a hole in the atmosphere? The Evo is the embodiment of the Black Mamba and was built by one man’s dream to simply go faster.

The man behind the vision, Andy P has already campaigned his Evo in the Australian and UK Time Attack Championships. Ever evolving in the quest for more speed, Andy and his team push the car beyond the limits. Testing to destruction the need for high quality parts is a must in their constant battle against extreme forces, temperature and wear.

This insatiable appetite for better products lead the team to our door, excessive gear wear and pitting due to the huge forces and high temperatures in the gearbox and engine.  We were quickly able to determine the correct Red Line Synthetic Oil products and as simply as changing their oil, their problems were over.

When you are reviewing cars you will find that the one that makes the biggest impression on you is not the one with the most power and the highest top speed, it is the cars with a soul. However this car has more than a soul… it has an attitude problem. The name just says it all… ‘The Black Mamba’. The aggression from the snake is written into the Evo’s DNA and with the Red Line oil it has a new bite.

Black Mamba runs on:

Red Line 50Wt Race Oil in the turbo charged engine

Red line Lightweight shockproof in the sequential transmission and diff’s

Red Line 75W90 in the transfer case